Tap into a New Decentralized Wave with Ixian

Biz Report

As remote work and social distancing are becoming the new norm, more people than ever are relying on streaming services for communication.

Traditional services depend on their expensive infrastructure that requires constant maintenance and upgrades to handle millions of users, yet still have degraded quality during peaks.

What if we can tap into the new decentralized wave, which is sweeping through the world of tech for an unparalleled experience?

Ixian [pronunciation: ihx-ee-ahn] is an emerging decentralized platform that leverages the user’s hardware and bandwidth to form a secure and efficient network with no downtime.

The first product that uses the Ixian platform is Spixi – a secure next-generation chat app, with no central authority, which could access your personal data.

All communication is secured using end-to-end encryption. Only the sender and recipient can read each other’s messages.

Spixi includes features that you would expect from traditional messaging apps such as text chat, voice calls, and file transfer. It also has a wallet, allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrency payments.

Ixian is a platform that developers will want to use to build low-cost solutions, which require data streaming capabilities at scale. Users won’t need to worry about data leaks or privacy issues.

Find out more information by visiting Ixian.io.