Secure Your Door from Intruders with Nightlock

Consumer Update

Protecting your home or business starts with making sure you have the right hardware to keep you secure. When choosing the right products for the job, you want something that’s secure, cost-effective, and looks good.

The Nightlock is dedicated to providing security solutions for residential and commercial properties that do just that.

Deadbolt and chain locks are only as good as the frames they’re attached to. If you’ve got a flimsy door frame or even weak trim, it’s nothing for an intruder to kick it open.

Nightlock solves this by anchoring the lock securely to the floor.

This essentially barricades your door and makes unwanted entry virtually impossible.

Leveraging the steadfast power of the floor, this guy can withstand an unbelievable amount of force. This easy-to-install door brace lock works on most entry doors including French doors and double doors, accounting for just about any molding.

While security is your number one priority, aesthetics also play a factor in what lock you choose. Nightlock not only offers the most secure locking solution, but it also looks great while keeping you and your loved ones safe.

You can purchase your home and commercial entry security solutions by heading over to today.