Threadmill – Comfortable Quality Linen at an Affordable Price

Consumer Update

Other than purchasing sheets and blankets and sleeping in our beds, many of us have little understanding of the linen industry. There are unfortunately many companies in this industry that partake in hidden tactics, questionable manufacturing, and inflated pricing.

We know a low-quality blanket or sheet when we feel it, but it’s hard to navigate the various brands and know for sure whether or not they’re on the up and up.

Well luckily, you don’t have to go through the exhaustive investigation it takes to find the best brand on the market because we’ve done it for you.

Threadmill Home Linen has proven itself to be transparent while offering comfortable, quality linen at affordable pricing.

They carry a full line of products, from cotton sheets, fitted sheets with deep pockets that’ll fit snuggly around your mattress, to blankets, coverlets, and even kitchen linens.

Their products are beautifully crafted and come in elegant designs, like jacquard and damask prints.

Not only do their products look good, but they’ll also help you comfortably fall asleep, with their breathable and soft fabrics.

You can choose anywhere from 300 thread count to 1200, made with singly ply yarn.

All their products are OEKO-TEX (oh-ko) certified for harmful chemicals, keeping you safe at night.

Maintaining their ethical stance, all of their products are made using environmentally sustainable methods with 100% clean energy.

They’ve invested in renewable energy generation through wind and solar farms, producing twice the amount of energy they consume.

This is possible through its state-of-the-art vertically integrated factory that is powered entirely by solar and wind energy.

They are also on a mission to solve the age-old problem associated with using plastic. They don’t use plastic in any of their products and all packaging is made with reusable tote bags.

And if that wasn’t enough, all returned products are donated to iloom, a kid-run non-profit that donates all opened sheets to people in need. Any unopened products are sold for cash which is then donated to shelters.

Threadmill Home Linen has made it their mission to help people sleep healthily and comfortably, while also protecting the environment.

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