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Imagine a fulfilling, stress-free life full of happiness with no worry, where negative thoughts that enter your mind are immediately expunged, allowing you to live a peaceful and happy life. Well, I’m not just talking hypotheticals here. Imagine becoming a happiness millionaire.

That kind of happy life is possible with the Happiness Mountain app.

This one-of-a-kind app was designed to help you learn and strengthen the four pillars of happiness: temporary, inner, phenomenal, and spiritual.

Happiness Mountain employs the Mind Purifications process to help purify your mind of negative thoughts, allowing for a calmer and happier state.

We are all burdened with 8 Negative Thought Bugs that are determined to make us fail and experience the dread of unhappiness, but there’s no reason we can’t overcome them.

Bounce back from bad news quickly, overcome negative feelings created by criticism from others, avoid conflicts caused by Negative Thoughts Bugs, and handle rejection in a positive manner.

All of this is possible with the unique process offered by the Happiness Mountain app.
You’ll score daily energy points and generate surplus positive energy by overcoming negative thoughts and strengthening the best parts of you.

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