Set Yourself Free with RockMyRun


Finding the right routine is only half the battle in working out. You also need to find the right music that motivates you to power through your entire workout.

RockMyRun is the ultimate music and fitness app that provides the best workout music for any regimen or fitness level.

Essentially, it’s a music app that contains thousands of mixes that are designed specifically for workouts.

The mixes are created by RockMyRun’s team of DJs. They consult with members of the fitness community so the mixes are more uptempo to match the cadence of different workouts. In addition, they have a seamless transition between songs.

You can also select mixes based on genre, length, mood, and activity to help you achieve your fitness goals.


RockMyRun is the only app on the market that utilizes body-driven music and technology that automatically adjusts music in real-time to sync with your steps and heart rate.

Users are constantly raving about how much they love using the app especially because they don’t need to create their own workout playlist. Instead, they can select ready-made mixes designed by our DJs with their workouts in mind.

And other common feedback we get is that RockMyRun helps distract people from the discomfort they often feel during workouts and generally makes workouts more enjoyable.

As a result, RockMyRun’s users report being motivated to workout more often and then go harder for longer during workouts.

RockMyRun solves a lot of the pain points related to workout music. For one, compared to other music apps, people skip songs four to five times less often when using RockMyRun.

You can find out more about this unique fitness music app and start a free trial by visiting or downloading for free it on the Google Play or App Store.