Build Your Business Safely and Securely with Variify

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Some businesses require the verification of age before they can sell their product or service to customers, and technology has made this easier than ever.

Variify is a technology platform built to help businesses safely connect with customers through an online portal that sells age-restricted products for pick-up or delivery.

They partner with businesses by offering a turn-key, white-label solution for verifying age that is both safe and seamless.

They work with brick and mortar shops and online platforms that sell such age-restricted products as alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and more.

They even offer three separate apps – the Consumer app, the Partner app, and the Driver app, offering a packaged, seamless experience for every point of the transaction and delivery.

BeerDropper is a perfect example of Variify in action. This popular alcohol delivery service uses Variify to quickly and efficiently verify age whenever they sell liquor, wine, or beer.

The online process allows customers across the U.S. to easily purchase the alcohol of their choosing, which includes age verification and all, with the ease of shopping on Amazon.

Variify is looking to partner with businesses in need of a reliable age verification technology.

You can find out more by visiting their website at