Set Achievable Goals and Stay Accountable with Mana


It never feels like there’s enough time.

It’s even worse during the pandemic, everything feels like a blur, and I can’t tell when work ends and life begins.

The Mana app helps you spend time better, using artificial intelligence to tell you where the time goes.

You can track your progress towards your goals, and see what’s getting in your way.

Mana also offers 1 on 1 personal coaching to make sure you set the right goals that make sense for you.

By setting achievable goals and staying accountable, your new year’s resolution will make it the whole year.

goals tracker app

The app lets you see how you’re doing and make adjustments in real-time.

Mana tracks your time automatically, using Machine Learning predictions and data from integrations.

It learns from your calendar, fitness tracker, and more, so you don’t waste time, tracking time.

Mana helps you succeed in all aspects of your life, finding the perfect balance of wellness and achievement for your health, work, fun, and growth.

Mana empowers you to be mindful of your time, improve, and then celebrate your achievements!

Mana is free to try, and you can sign up now for a special Black-Friday deal for 50% off an annual subscription.

You’ll also be entered into their New years Resolution challenge, where they’re giving away cash prizes for hitting your goals!

Get started today by visiting and downloading the app. Take control of your time and live your best life!


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