Running Waters Homestead Offers Sustainable Gourmet and Medicinal Nourishment

Consumer Update

There’s no beating organic natural foods for whole-body nourishment – I think at this point, that’s pretty much undisputed. Running Waters Homestead knows this all too well.

Their quest to provide high-vibration nourishment began back in 2008. Unable to find high-quality foods and medicines in the mainstream market, they realized they had to grow their own.

And thus, Running Waters Homestead was born.

Practicing sustainable wild-harvesting techniques, their cultivated products are grown with love and living water without exception.

For thousands of years, mushrooms have been used as a staple in food and medicine. But it wasn’t until recently that we learned that they must be taken regularly over a long period of time to be of any real benefit to your body.

Running Waters Homestead offers organic, double extracts of 13 different mushrooms, powdered mushroom capsules, and custom blends.

In addition to their medicinal mushrooms, they offer an extensive line of gourmet spices that focus on Black Garlic, as well as expertly crafted herbal tonics.

Each has its own benefits, the kind that only nature can provide.

Check out their list of products on and search for “Running Waters Homestead” on Kickstarter.