Embrace the Joy of Plant Ownership with Live Long and Plant

Consumer Update

There are health benefits to keeping plants in the home. Studies show that they purify the air and remove over 80% of pollutants residing in the air we breathe. But we don’t all have a green thumb, making the task of keeping plants alive a bit difficult.

Live Long and Plant is a plant-centered lifestyle brand. They want to share the joy of plant ownership with you while giving you the confidence to happily add a member to your plant family and know it will live long and prosper.

Live Long and Plant kit

It also offers thoughtful and inclusive plant-based gift boxes rooted in sustainability and prosperity.

Their DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit is the gift that keeps on giving.

The gift box includes a handmade soy candle with seed paper, a 2-inch live succulent, supplies, and instructions to create a new terrarium once your candle burns through.

The instructions tell you everything you’ll need to do to transform your candle holder into a home for your terrarium, including how to care for your succulent, how to clean the candle container, and how to build your plant.

Live Long and Plant is helping people enjoy plants without all the stress that usually comes with keeping them alive.

You can purchase your DIY kit by visiting livelongandplant.com today.