Find Your Diabetic Community with the DMP App


During these difficult times, social isolation has become a serious concern for millions of people. This is particularly true for those suffering from serious health conditions such as diabetes.

The Diabetes Management Platform app or DMP was launched earlier this year in an effort to create a place where those with diabetes could connect and empower each other.

On the DMP app, users can reach out and receive community support from others who are living with diabetes. They can also use the app to access information and articles from a wide variety of professionals ranging from physicians and endocrinologists to dieticians and mental health professionals.

Users can also attend livestreams where professionals speak on a number of helpful topics related to living with diabetes. There’s also a section where members can offer recipes specific to the diabetic community as well as podcasts & exercise videos.

If you or someone you know is living with diabetes, then DMP is a great place to establish a sense of community and find the emotional support you need and to establish a sense of community.

You can download the free DMP app today in either the Google Play or App Store.