The Modern Destination for the Modern Pet Lover is Maxbone

Consumer Update

Dogs and humans enjoy a relationship that lives on a plain of happiness that only those who own a dog truly understand. We love our cuddly family members and are all too willing to invest in that love.

Maxbone is the modern destination for the modern pet lover. They’ve created a single destination for everything you might need, including essentials in grooming, walking, playing, and eating.


All of their apparel and accessories were developed in partnership with manufacturers who believe in quality, resulting in products designed for longevity, sustainability, and practicality.

From harnesses and beds to collars and raincoats, these are high-end products that are made to not only last but make a fashionable statement.

Maxbone just released their own line of high-end freeze-dried dog food with nutritious ingredients that give your dog everything they need.

Each of their formulas is made with superfoods dogs love like beef, spinach, chia seeds, and carrots and it’s ready-to-eat. In addition to full meals, Maxbone offers food supplements to make sure they’re getting what they need in every meal.

And of course, there are Maxbone quality treats.

With no-hassle shopping and the highest quality products, Maxbone is your one-stop destination for everything dog related.

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