Stockpile is Simplifying Investing for Everyone


If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that we need to take our personal finances seriously. And one way we can do that is by turning to fintech solutions, like self-guided investment brokerage apps, for long-term success.

For the past 10 years, Stockpile has been on a mission to simplify investing.

They understand that most people find the stock market intimidating, confusing, and getting started is the biggest hurdle of all.

But with Stockpile, you can get up and running quickly with the iOS or Android app or any browser.

Once you add funds from a bank account or, better yet, from a Stockpile gift card, you’re ready to make your first trade.

Choose from thousands of stocks, ETFs, and the most popular sector funds to round out your portfolio.

Stockpile is one of the first digital brokerages to introduce fractional share trading so you can buy as small a portion of a share over $5 as you like.

And to help you grow your knowledge of the market, Stockpile has a ton of brief tips and tricks right in the app.

There’s even a feature to create custodial accounts for the minors in your life.

Stockpile is a great, simple way to get started with investing. Learn more by heading to