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You hear plenty of complaining these days about technology, how impersonal it is, how it separates us from each other, and how it has made the world a more robotic, routinized place. While it does have its drawbacks, it’s important to remember the people invented all these technological wonders, and people can decide how to use them for better or worse. Often left out of discussions about the evils of the computerized world is a list of benefits that the cyber age has delivered. There are hundreds of them, the following four being among the most relevant for our everyday lives.

Tax Filing

Thanks to the IRS (words seldom used by business owners), it’s now possible to file and track all your tax documents via the government website for no cost. It takes about 30 minutes to go through the security check and set up your official account, but once you’re done, everything else is a breeze. No more having to visit IRS offices or hunt around for forms. Even better, for no cost you can download any forms you need, read line-by-line instructions for all stages of filing, and send your completed documents to the government. No postage, no waiting in line, no hassles. There’s one catch in that you still have to pay your tax bill in full. Technology won’t help you with that part, except to allow for direct withdrawal from a bank or card if you owe money to Uncle Sam. If you are expecting a refund, just set up direct deposit to streamline the process.

Online Medical Services

Thanks to ordinary desktop computers, anyone can take care of a whole host of wellness chores that used to require a trip to the doctor’s office. Online check-ups, medical screenings, and similar health-related tasks are a big hit with consumers all over the world. To cite one example, Virginia residents can obtain medical marijuana cards online in less than 15 minutes. The entire process is hassle-free, quick, and easy. Applicants don’t even have to pay the $99 fee unless they’re approved, and no appointments are necessary. Learning how to get a medical marijuana card in Virginia is as simple as it gets. That sure beats having to drive all over town, search for parking, and wait in lines for assistance.


In the pre-computer, pre-app, pre-financial spreadsheet days, personal budgeting was a major chore. It took working adults hours to get everything down on paper, check it all, make sure items added up as they should, and straighten out expense and income categories. Nowadays, with a simple spreadsheet and a downloadable financial template, it takes about 15 minutes to create a family budget. The only time-consuming portion if filling in the specific figures. Then, unlike pencil and paper budgets, computerized versions can help you with all sorts of figuring, calculating, and experimenting where personal finances have never been easier.

Spelling and Grammar Checks

It seems almost trivial today, but not long ago, accuracy in spelling and grammar was a huge problem for students, business professionals, and pretty much anyone who had to create formal documents as part of their everyday life. In the modern world, even the linguistically challenged can achieve accuracy with the help of simple apps.