SBchat Is Changing the Way We Text


While visuals are an important part of any human experience, sound is of tantamount importance as well.

It’s that concept that fuels the newest messaging app, SBchat.

The team behind the app has created a new unique, interactive way to communicate when texting.

Search through different categories of sounds to send to your friends and family.

As they tap to “pop” open the selected or custom-made sounds you’ve sent, they’ll gain an audible experience when messaging that couldn’t be conveyed prior.

With so many messaging apps out today, SBchat has separated itself from the pack by introducing this mysterious way of texting as well as making the app easily accessible and as simple to use as possible for everyone.

And not only will more content and features be added throughout the following months, but currently you can change your profile picture, your wallpaper colors for conversations and turn the pre “pop” sound on and off in the settings tab.

Signing up is a cinch. Simply enter your email, phone number or social media tag to get started.

Inviting others is equally as simple. With just a couple of taps, you can send an invite link to anyone in your phone contacts. As soon as they sign up they’ll appear in your contacts section in the app and you can start messaging.

Forget emojis and GIFs, it’s time to be heard! You can download SBchat for free without ads in the App Store or Google Play today.