Helper Delivering Food to a Disabled Man in Quarantine During Covid19 Coronavirus Pandemic

More than ever before, during 2020, charities across the world struggled to retain momentum as the world around them ground to a halt.  The forced closure, in particular, of high street charity shops, was a devastating blow to a lot of important causes.  From cancer resea Edit with Elementorrch to children’s organizations, charities rely on donations to allow them to continue with often life-saving work.  The Cardtonic Trading App is proud to help charities through its innovative gift card trading platform.

The gift that keeps on giving

Several businesses offer a lifeline to charities through donations via gift cards.  Simple but effective, these companies donate a small percentage of gift card spend to a chosen charity, allowing customers to gift loved ones and help out a charity at the same time.  Unfortunately, between 10% and 19% of gift cards go unused due to time or location issues or the recipient simply forgetting about the card.  In most cases, when a gift card is not redeemed, the full amount of the balance reverts to the retailer or outlet after a certain length of time.  Often, this means that the charity does not benefit from the purchase through no fault of the retailer or the customer.  This can, of course, be devastating at a time when charities are desperate for help.  The Cardtonic Trading App is committed to reducing waste and ensuring that charities receive the donations intended for them during these troubled times. 

Giving charities a lift

The Cardtonic Trading App reduces gift card waste by offering members the opportunity to sell and swap their unwanted cards.  Through the fully encrypted and professionally audited platform and app (available for Android and iOS), members can trade a wide range of cards, including Amazon, iTunes, eBay, Walmart, Google Play, and many more and, receive a payment within minutes.  During 2020, sales of gift cards increased by almost 50% due to the restrictions in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, many of which are destined to go unused.  Launched in 2019, the Cardtonic Trading App helps to slash waste through the trading of gift cards and Bitcoin, keeping funds where they belong – in the purchaser’s wallets and the intended charity.

While we’ve seen a large number of initiatives raising money for the NHS and other health and wellbeing outlets, other charitable organizations haven’t, unfortunately, been quite so lucky.  In June 2020, an independent study by Pro Bono Economics predicted that, by the end of the year, the UK’s 170,000 charities would have suffered losses totaling a staggering £6.4 billion – meaning that many important organizations would simply be unable to survive the pandemic.  

The Cardtonic Trading App urges people to join in the movement to reduce gift card waste by searching through drawers, wallets, pockets, and handbags for any charitable gift cards and vouchers that may have been overlooked or forgotten about.