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*Please note this is only for states that have legalized use of cannabis and we don’t condone any activities that are deemed illegal by your state or laws.*

Weed vaporizers are on the increase as the consumer market continues to vastly broaden. Vape-manufacturers and sellers, as a response, are upping their product range and product quality. Try using this type of vapor and read on for the 5 types of cannabis vapes you should know about.

Types Of Cannabis Vapes 

  1. Pre-Loaded Ovens 

As its categorical name suggests, these vapes have ovens you can pre-load even when you aren’t about to use the pen. 

Their chambers act as a mini-storage container and can keep your weed or vape oil (depending on the kind you purchase) as they are, without changing their consistency, until your next vape-break during the day. 

  1. Pre-Loadable, Interchangeable Ovens 

Take a look at this astounding innovation with regards to portable vapes. Just when you thought that “portability” is itself the major feature that pocket-friendly vaporizers can offer, in comes this new kid on the block. 

They offer the same standard component as pre-loadable vape opens in that you won’t need a separate receptacle for your weed product. Such vaporizers are themselves the cannabis cannister AND the heating chamber.

But what really lets this cannabis vaporizer stand out among the rest as the best vaping gadget is how the same oven is interchangeable. This is the world’s pioneer, and remains the ONLY vape with ovens you can switch to accommodate different kinds of cannabis products.  

Furna is the brand that has revolutionized vaporizers so that instead of having two separate devices— one for dry herbs and another for oils— you’ll have both functions in the same portable weed pen! 

  1. Flower Vapes

Portable flower vapes are designed specifically for cannabis flowers. They are battery-powered and operated, and can only be used for said type of cannabis organic byproduct. If you’re a flower-vape enthusiast, you’ll want to invest in this device. 

It might be a little tricky to find “good” flower vapes because they should have temperature controls that are on-point. If the levels between the heating settings are too far and wide in between, the flowers will burn and lose their original aroma. A common problem with such vaporizers. 

So, be sure to check out which ones will work best for you. 

  1. Oil Vaporizers 

Vaporizers that are for oil cannabis extracts. Frequently, these have oil cylinders which provide proper sealing functions to avoid spillage. Oil vaporizers appear similar to a stylus (pen) in physical structure and are just as small. 

Enhancements are being done on oil vape pens in terms of battery life and leakages. Their power capacity mirrors that of their size but a few brands are developing this feature for extended oil-vaping drafts on-the-go. 

  1. Tabletop Or Desktop Vaporizers 

As simple and coolly uncomplicated as they’re referred to, tabletop or desktop vaporizers are the non-portable alternative. If you’re on the lookout for an in-office and an in-house gadget you can utilize for vaping, this one’s it. 

They can be set up on a table and require a plug-in power source. They are also typically larger than portable vape pens (of course). Tabletop or desktop vaporizers are, thus, clunkier. But they definitely do the job of being a reliable source for stationary vaping. 

Often, their control setting is much more precise and varied. In parallel to this, they have a larger price tag in comparison to their portable cousins.