June 8, 2019 Mountain View / CA / USA - Google office building in the Company's campus in Silicon Valley; The "double o's" of the logo are decorated in rainbow colors in honor of LGBTQ Rights

Depending on how you look at things, Google have made changes to the way that some ads will appear on their services, such as their Google Search and YouTube platforms.

Starting with YouTube for those in America, Google will now allow for users to place restrictions on advertisements that involve things such as alcohol and gambling as they look to tailor the experiences enjoyed by users.

Indeed, there are those that will welcome the news as the two aforementioned products and services have caused many people around the world some pain, although there might be some that would look to avoid using the new tool in the new future.

Sports betting in America has become legal in several different states in the US and it has become hugely popular in places such as New Jersey over the last two years since the legislation was changed and introduced. Indeed, because of that introduction, sports betting in New Jersey has become incredibly popular.

The northeastern state is not the only place that has looked to introduce legal sports betting, though, with Tennessee just another having looked to obtain a license for players located within their state. Those players may wish to avoid using the filter that Google has implemented for their Ad Services as they may want to see what sports betting offers are available and who they can bet with.

The possibility to restrict certain advertisements, though, is not a new feature as Google have always allowed for specific ads to be blocked, however the feature will allow for a blanket restriction on things such as alcohol and gambling; essentially anything with an age-restriction. The changes, though, will provide users of their services with a new experience as they will be able to control what they see when surfing the internet with more comfort.

For sports betting enthusiasts who do not want to see adverts about alcohol but are more than happy to see promotions in regards to sports betting, then they can set the settings to do exactly that for them, whilst the feature from Google will also work in the other way for those that have no interest in gambling but like to enjoy the finer things that alcohol can provide them.

The feature appears to be rather easy to set up and implement when it goes live, with Google revealing that users will only need to visit the ‘Ad Settings’ page to introduce those changes. It should be known that this will not completely block every single ad being shown from those marketplaces and industries, though, however they will be restricted much more than they already are and will not show up as frequently as they previously did.

As mentioned, Google will only be implementing the feature slowly and have scheduled to roll it out initially for American users using their YouTube platform. However, they have also revealed that they aim to have the feature working globally across their Google Ads and YouTube services by early next year.