By: Nick Gambino

Apple seems to have their fingers in all the tech pies, so a new report that reveals they’re working on their very own VR headset is far from surprising. The news comes from Bloomberg.

By putting their stamp on the world of VR they’ll be going head to head with other companies that have secured a stronghold in the world of virtual reality, companies like Facebook with their line of Oculus products and Sony with the popular PlayStation VR.

The VR headset is said to feature a chip more powerful than the M1 and a display that rivals anything else on the market. This is important because they’re looking to cash in on a field currently dominated by several other companies.

Offering the best resolution in the VR and AR market and a powerful processor chip, they’re seemingly looking to make a high-end niche product, instead of the next big consumer hit.

What’s odd about the design, at least of the current prototype, is their decision to include a fan. This is something you won’t find on most VR headsets because, well, it’s clunky and noisy. Add in the extra weight for a device meant to be worn on the head and you can see the problem.

Apparently, Apple really wants to include the fan, so they’ve made some adjustments to allow it to reside in the headset without the aforementioned problems.

“Apple removed the space VR gadgets usually reserved for users who need to wear eyeglasses, which brought the headset closer to the face and helped shrink the size,” Bloomberg reports, citing sources in the know. “And to address consumers with poorer eyesight, it developed a system where custom prescription lenses can be inserted into the headset over the VR screens.”

The VR headset will be a standalone device, much like the Oculus Quest. This is where VR must go if they are ever to see widespread adoption amongst consumers. The cumbersome task of hooking your headset up to a console or PC, like the Oculus Rift, is just too much to ask of anyone other than the avid gamer or techie. Standalone devices have a better chance in a market where its consumers want the convenience to ride shotgun with quality.

While they are still in the prototype stage, Apple is looking to release the new VR and AR headset by as early as 2022.