Super Bowl LV

By: Nick Gambino

Super Bowl LV (that’s 55 for those unfamiliar with Roman numerals) is a go for this Sunday, 7 February. I know, it’s not only Super Bowl time, but they’ve already played a full football season and post season. I don’t know, with the whole pandemic thing, I just never got into the NFL spirit, having not watched a single game. That being said, I never miss a Super Bowl.

This year will see The Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, the same Bucs that snagged Tom Brady as their starting QB after a long and storied career with the New England Patriots where he won 6 Super Bowls. The fact that he was able to bring the Bucs to the Super Bowl in his first year with the franchise is astonishing and I think his greatness is lost on no one.

Well, no one except for all the sore losers who condemn the man because he plays for another team. Listen, I’m a Giants fan through and through, but Brady is a winner no matter how you try to spin it.

Ok, onto the upcoming game and how to watch it. If you don’t have cable or access to TV channels by way of a bunny ear antennae (that’s not a thing anymore right?), there are a few options available to you so you can watch Sunday’s game.

CBS has the rights to broadcast this year’s Super Bowl, so several of the streaming options will be through some version of a CBS streamer. The CBS Sports website is where you’ll find the stream without having to download any apps. Stream it on your laptop or desktop and simply cast it to your TV if you want to watch it on a bigger screen.

In terms of apps, you’ll want to download either the CBS Sports or CBS All Access apps. The latter requires a subscription, but you can opt for a free trial if you don’t want to spend money. Both are supported on most major devices like Roku and Fire TV. You can also download it on your phone and cast it to your TV.

If you want something outside of the CBS broadcast, you can catch the game in the NFL, Yahoo Sports, Hulu + Live, Fubo TV or YouTube TV app. They’re all streaming the big game and should be easily castable to your TV if there’s no native app on your device.

This Sunday’s championship game might not look quite the same as in recent years. They’ve decided to do away with True 4K and HDR streaming this year, but I’ll bet most of us won’t even notice.

Super Bowl LV kicks off this Sunday, 7 February at 6:30pm EST.