Share and Discuss Current Events Through a Multi-Tier Ranking System with GNA


Stopping the spread of disinformation on the internet is a tall task. Somehow in the last few years, lies and info that skew false have taken the express lane on the information superhighway.

Fixing this problem begins in the design phase of the app in which news spreads.

Global News App, or GNA for short, has taken this responsibility upon itself by designing a news-oriented social media platform that facilitates information sharing and discussion of current events through a multi-tier community ranking system.


Unlike other platforms, GNA is an online democracy in which each user determines the value and veracity of the content shared by others and rates them accordingly.

This anonymous rating system helps to promote accounts that share facts and informed opinions instead of those that are more careless with the truth.

Users work to achieve a top-tier account. These top-tier accounts are manually vetted by GNA to ensure their reliability.

These are the primary information-sharing channels for news events, allowing users to read credible and informative content.

If you’re interested in sharing and discussing news based on facts in a civil manner, download GNA in the Google Play or App Store today.