Celebrate Your Inner Viking with Handcrafted Goblets by AleHorn

Consumer Update

For some, drinking is a dainty activity best enjoyed with one pinky out and little sips taken from the finest crystal. But then there are those who would much rather get sloshed like a Viking at a mighty feast with foam dripping from their bushy beards.

For the latter, there’s no finer way to drink than out of a Viking Drinking Horn by AleHorn.

These magnificent goblets are handcrafted from 100% real horn.

The bovine horns are 100% ethically sourced and are used in all of AleHorn’s products.

That makes each an art piece unto itself, unique with none other like it. It’s the perfect pairing with your mead, craft beer, or favorite beverage.


AleHorn drinking horns come in three main styles. The tankards are something right out of G.O.T. minus all the beheadings.

The natural horn-shaped cup is the iconic Viking drinking horn you’ve seen in all classic tales where a Viking warrior imbibes his favorite elixir.

There are even shot glass versions of this drinking horn. Then there’s the curved tumbler that hearkens a cozy fireside feast like those enjoyed by the many beings of Middle Earth.

You can order your horns with custom engravings to present as a gift or keep as a prized possession.

Even if you don’t drink alcohol, you can fill them with soda or water or heck, hot chocolate. Allow yourself to live the fantasy and be true to who you are on the inside.

In addition to Viking-themed drinkware, AleHorn offers a variety of similarly themed products like a Viking beard comb and beer bottle opener.

You can peruse all of their products and purchase your Viking drinking horn by heading on over to AleHorn.com today.