GoGetter Dating App – Matching People with Similar Outlooks and Lifestyles


There are plenty of dating apps out there that cater to different people, though most of them use the shotgun approach and are for anyone and everyone. In other words, they’re not very selective.

We’ve yet to see a dating app geared toward the more active, go-getters.

That is, until now. Take a look at the new dating app, aptly titled “GoGetter.”

GoGetter Dating App

This new and exciting dating app seeks to match people with similar lifestyles and outlooks.

It was designed by a woman who’s not only a fitness junkie but a certified Matchmaker and Relationship Coach.

From highlighting your activity of choice to having the ability to upload a video of yourself doing something fun, GoGetter works to link up people with a desire to play life to the fullest.

But if that wasn’t exciting enough, GoGetter is taking it to the next level.

In a dating app first, GoGetter requires both parties to pony up a coin to connect with each other, and that way, they both have some “skin in the game.” Different from most apps that require payment to access certain features, GoGetter’s aim is to allow users to pay with one goal in mind, to show their match that they’re interested.

The theory is, GoGetter’s go after what they want, and this should be no different.

If you live an active lifestyle and want your partner to share in your adventures, then GoGetter is the app for you.

You can download it today by searching for “GoGetter” in the Google Play or App Store.