Find Your New Recreational Activity with Zetrablade by Rollerblade

Consumer Update

Inline skating is not only one of the best fitness workouts you’ll get – working your core, cardiovascular, and more – it’s also such a good time.

For anyone looking to get into the recreational sport, you’re going to want to check out Rollerblade’s new Zetrablades.

Designed as a recreational beginner skate by the company that does it best, the Zetrablade features unparalleled support, comfort and stability at a price point you just can’t beat.

rollerbladesEvery element of the Zetrablade is designed for the novice and the recreational skater alike, from the secure closure system to the easy-to-balance wheels that lowers your center of gravity, providing better balance and support.

Never has inline skating been more accessible. When you’re ready, strap on your Zetrablades and head out for a ride to free yourself of the stresses of daily life.

Stick to a smooth terrain like concrete or asphalt. There’s nothing quite like rolling through a smooth surface, wind whipping by like you’re floating on glass.

Inline skating has seen a big increase in participation lately as it is a safe, outdoor exercise option.

If you’re looking for an entry-level skate, the Zetrablade is a perfect choice.

Purchase yours today. Roll on over to and find a dealer near you.