Qube is Making Saving and Spending Money with Purpose Easier for Everyone


Envelope budgeting is a system by which you can budget and track your monthly expenses by placing your cash in an envelope reserved for different categories like groceries, phone bills, and more. It’s a tried-and-true system, but in a digital era, it could use a boost.

That’s where Qube Money comes in.

Qube Money is on a mission to change the environment of money and make saving and spending money with purpose easy for everyone.

Piggybacking off the cleverness of the envelope budgeting system, Qube Money allows users to create qubes where they can divvy up their on-hand cash.

Qube MoneyThese qubes serve the same purpose as a virtual account or budget envelope, allowing users to manage and track their money.

In this way, every dollar serves a purpose instead of sneaking down the drain, unaccounted for. It also helps you stop and think about every purchase.

Let’s say you want to spend your money on a new pair of shoes. In order to do this, you have to fire up the Qube Money app and authorize yourself to spend that money from a specific qube.

Of course, you can adjust the money in a qube anytime you want, funding it as needed.
This kind of real-time financial awareness removes the hassle or the need for tracking expenses, updating spreadsheets or even carrying around physical cash.

It’s also a great way for parents to teach their kids about smart money habits, helping them create qubes and be conscious about what they spend their limited money on.

Qube Money also allows joint bank accounts so partners can work together to improve their financial condition and fund their dreams.

There’s simply no other platform that so elegantly combines banking and budgeting in this way. You can get started today by going to QubeMoney.com.