Store Sensitive Business Files Through Multiple Platforms with Kapalya

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Enterprise data is constantly getting breached perpetrated by sophisticated cybercriminals, who are looking to penetrate your system, steal your data, and may demand a ransom payment.

It’s no longer just some kid in his basement – these are criminals who make it their full-time job to steal your information.

Thankfully, there’s an encryption management platform like Kapalya.


Kapalya empowers businesses and their employees to securely store all of their sensitive files at-rest and in-transit across multiple platforms through a simple, user-friendly desktop and mobile app.

Launch the Kapalya app on your Windows or Mac and the encryption management system will start scanning for sensitive data. Once located, you’ll upload and encrypt it on your computer, mobile device, or on-site cloud servers.

Each file includes its own unique encryption key for added security, which enables end-to-end encrypted file sharing across multiple cloud platforms. You can share files with other users and revoke their accessibility of your encrypted files after a pre-determined time.

No matter where it’s placed you can be sure your confidential data is safe from prying eyes.

And if your computer gets hit with ransomware, rest assured that cybercriminals will not be able to read any contents of your data.

When your password-protected system gets breached, all your data is compromised.

Protect your data by using Kapalya’s encryption management system today by visiting