If you are a novice player and do not yet understand some gambling nuances, then choosing slots in online casinos can be difficult. Today, gambling institutions provide visitors with a variety of slot machines, and they differ from each other not only with colorful pictures but also with configurations and payback rates.

Contrary to popular belief that online casino owners are greedy, they are actually interested in giving most of the money back to players. This is the only way to make the game process interesting for visitors. Therefore, they try to add to the range of machines those that have a very high payback percentage. The task of the novice player is to choose such machines among the best online pokies in New Zealand. In this case, there is a high probability that if you do not win much, then at least you will not lose much. To begin with, let’s briefly analyze the main parameters of online slots by which one can choose them correctly.

How to Choose Online Slots in 2021

If you intend to win more than lose, then before you start the game you should look at a few key parameters of slot machines:

1)     Theoretical return (RTP)

RTP (return-to-player) is a part of the money that is guaranteed to give back to players during a long game session. If you play with this machine for a long time, it will return you most of the money you spent on the game. However, to apply a long-game approach, one should have a considerable amount of cash on his account.

2)     Volatility

The frequency of winning combinations depends on this parameter. At the same time, the size of payments also depends on this. Low volatility means that winning combinations will fall out frequently, but payout ratios will be low. With high volatility, the situation will change – you will win less often, but the higher amounts of money.

3)   Bonuses

Modern slot machines have many bonuses: from free spins (when you don’t need to bet to play a round) to the Gamble feature, which allows you to double the number of winnings after a successful round. Besides, virtual casinos can provide you with their rewards: they can relate to certain slots or games, or be used at the gambler’s disposal.

In Conclusion

Choose slot machines with the right configurations for you to ensure maximum excitement and minimize risks of loss. If you are not sure that you’ve made the right conclusions from the slot description – read the player’s feedback on thematic forums and study the ratings available on reputable sites. Besides, we encourage you to share your thoughts and recommendations about your favorite slots in the comments.