Prevent Against Viruses and Infectious Diseases with Germhub


As communities begin to open up, we want to make sure we engage with people and venues in the safest way possible.

That begins with knowing where we can go and how to best interact with other people.

Germhub is a free community-based mobile app designed to help prevent being exposed to viruses and infectious diseases like COVID-19.


In its essence, it’s a safety protocol and cleanliness guideline review system that provides authentic user ratings and reviews of businesses and events.

This allows you to easily make an informed decision based on useful information. Without it, you might walk into a venue blind, not knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

Businesses are more transparent than ever about their safety protocols and by collecting all of this information from the business side, as well as the user side, we get a clearer picture of what’s expected from us and how we might fare in that location.

This is the best way to safely open businesses and help the economy recover and thrive.

Take the guesswork out of going out and know before you go with the Germhub app.

You can find out more by visiting and download it today.