Change Your Perspective and All Around Mentality with Portages


Taking care of yourself, especially your mental wellbeing sometimes requires guidance towards the right path. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Portages app.

Portages is a whole-person, science-based mobile app that guides you through a personalized mental health and wellbeing program to overcome your feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, transforming your habits and improving your overall wellbeing.

The word “portage” literally means to carry your vessel and your gear on a path from one body of water to the next as part of a greater journey. In the same way, improving your mental health and wellbeing requires intentionally moving your mind and body through multiple paths of change on your journey to feeling happy, healthy, and fulfilled. In other words, becoming your best self.

The Portages app provides a self-guided behavioral change program to help you discover where you are and where you could be.

It’s built on a strengths-based, whole-person health model that includes 4 Worlds of Living, encouraging a whole-person view of wellbeing through your Internal, Physical, External and Spiritual Worlds.

There are 3 Health Practices, in each of your 4 worlds of living. Health Practices are your everyday actions, thoughts, and emotions that determine your vitality.

Portages improves your readiness to successfully change habits and behaviors on your unique journey to self-betterment.

Finally, there are 36 Portages that help you develop the skills needed to achieve mastery of each Health Practice. These elements make up the Portages Program.

Now, when using the app, you’ll periodically complete a brief Self-Assessment to determine how well you are doing. This assessment then produces an easy-to-understand profile designed to help increase your self-awareness.

You’ll receive a personalized mental health and wellbeing program. Now you’re off on your journey.

The Portages app sends you a variety of prompts. You can also set customized nudges and alerts that work for you and your life.

This will help you remain mindful, intentionally focusing on your journey every day.

Portages is developed by world-class mental health experts and is based on science and what really works.

By approaching self-betterment with a results-based program, you’ll find yourself on a gradual but rewarding journey to self-awareness and overall healthy wellbeing.

For a mere $6 a month, with the first month free, you’ll be on your way to a more fulfilling and whole life.

Download the Portages app today in the Google Play or App Store.