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There’re lots of perks of reaching the gladiator rank in the current season of the expansion. A mount is one of those reasons. If you are struggling with the competitive side of PvP, there’re lots of tips and guides that you can find online that vary from totally unpractical, like the one where you’re told to stop blaming your teammates, to more or less useful like focusing on learning one thing. Like, you know, when you are a healer, say like a Paladin, you want to play aggressive – push on and deal some DMG, then you also want to heal, try to make plays and stuff. The thing is, if you’re lower-rated, you can’t do all those things at once yet. It’s so important to focus on your primary role. For healers – it’s simply healing, doing the PvE rotation that you do in the dungeons. If you’re DPS, then focus on damage. Don’t create strats that involve you going out of your way, don’t make it complicated. If you just stick to your own role in 2v2, you’re on the right track.

Playing the same comp is also a big thing. When you’ve learned how to play your class in 2v2s, the next stage is to find people that are receptive, who want to learn, take and give constructive criticism. Then you must find your comp and learn it. You have to know every strat of how to beat every other comp that will be put against you. Once you know how to play against every single team, you know what to do, which talents to choose. Besides, the more you play with the same people, the more synergy it’s going to generate between you and that other guy.

Find Your Half

Neglecting to play with other people is also not a super great thing to do, but if you just want to push your first glad, it’s beneficial to play with the same people. The thing is that finding good people to advance through the WoW PvP Rankings ladder may also prove to be difficult. However, not all is lost.

It just so happens that the link provided in this text leads to a place where one will see any number of reliable and experienced players who are dying to meet you. All of these tips we’ve just given will be for nothing if you don’t find someone to play with. Once you’ve teamed up with someone who knows what they’re doing, that’s when you can start to think about stuff like rotation, positioning, and stuff like that. That’s when you discuss who will be dancing around the pillar and which cooldowns you should be trading with the enemy players. But first, find your teammate. You already know where to look.