When online casinos have appeared, they have impressed thousands of users with their accessibility. At those times, gambling was something only the rich could afford. Thanks to web casinos, the possibility to make bets, spin the reels of slots, and enjoy all the thrill has become accessible to anyone.

Later, live dealer games started to appear. They provide players with completely different experiences because they do not interact with soulless software but with a live dealer. A lot of games have already appeared for this game mode. So, if you would like to try live dealer table games or poker, or any other game, we have prepared some information about this particular type of online casino gambles.

What Are the Specifics?

The concept is that a real person operates all the procedures necessary for the game. A dealer deals with cards, accepts bets, changes the position of tokens, etc. Besides, the dealer interacts with players in the same way as in real land-based casinos. So, players are at home but their experience is almost the same as in Las Vegas. Besides, you will also hear all the sounds typical of playing tables with dealers. If you create a relevant environment in your room, you may feel like in a real casino.

The Importance of Developer

For players to enjoy the above experience, it is crucial that the developer has created the games that will provide all these experiences. For players to have a great view of a dealer, there are several HD cameras installed around that provide a high-quality picture. If you want to play in live-dealer mode, make sure you have got a stable high-speed Internet connection. Otherwise, you will not feel the game like you are supposed to.

Games to Play

The basis of most live dealer solutions is the table games that can be found in any land-based casino. Most often it is a win-win trio:

  • roulette
  • blackjack
  • baccarat

You can also play poker, an adapted “wheel of fortune”, as well as unique games that are the highlights of the provider’s portfolio. That is why many operators replenish their libraries with developments from several providers at once.

The Difference Between Live Casino and Other Games

As mentioned above, the games available in live casinos are often classic table solutions (roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, poker). However, they differ significantly from the gaming software installed in a regular online casino. Any game with live dealers is based on the actions of a person – a croupier in the studio. The alternative in online casinos is a 100% software product based on RNG algorithms.

Live casino is a real find for those who do not fully trust modern gambling software or just want to experience something different. Since all game actions are performed by the same croupiers as in land-based establishments, the result is absolutely random and does not depend on the program.