By: Nick Gambino

Indirect materials often show up as a costly budget item with a whole lot of vagueness attached to it. The thing is, there are thousands upon thousands of items that fall under the umbrella of “indirect materials,” forcing you to scour the internet for vendors.

Any purchaser who does their due diligence will find ways to bring this ballooning budget item back down to Earth. One way to do that is to purchase your items from MBEMRO.

An eCatalog with over 400,000 items to browse through, MBEMRO is a certified minority-owned company that offers some of the most competitive pricing in the game. You can browse the e-commerce platform by category including Cutting Tools, Abrasive, Power Tools, Welding Supplies, Machinery, PPE, and other maintenance products like Tapes, Adhesives, and Sealants and spill control material. Anything they don’t carry, they can source at a price you just can’t beat.

Comparing prices to other “similar” sites, you’ll find this platform undercutting them across the boards. In fact, MBEMRO claims to save their customers at least 5% on their annual spend for MRO. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Most companies buying large quantities of indirect materials are seeing a big discount by saving 5%.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put an additional strain on companies, requiring investment in supplies to protect workers. MBEMRO supplies a range of materials for safety and legal requirements. Browsing through the site, I see masks, signs, shields, guards, and disposable clothing. Anything you might need to protect employees and customers during these unprecedented times.

MBEMRO isn’t just an e-commerce site designed to save you money on your annual MRO procurement. They offer additional customization options related to streamlining billing, automated product replenishment/fulfillment, and customized procurement services that suit your organization-specific requirement.

In addition, MBEMRO offers services to digitize your procurement work chain using a customized catalog to use with approval flows, integrated with your ERP to automate PO generation and vending machine integration to aggregate demand. Instead of drowning in indirect material procurement, which in itself is a full-time job for bigger companies, MBEMRO offers both the materials and the services to help automate the process and make it a cinch.

These services mostly offered free of cost, are designed to help make indirect material procurement as easy and affordable as possible

There’s a good chance you’re hemorrhaging money because you haven’t found the right vendor that offers competitive pricing while making the purchasing process as easy as possible. Well, we’ve done the research and MBEMRO is your best bet.

Browse their inventory by visiting mbemrocatalog.com.