Cryptocurrencies have managed to revolutionize the global financial industry. They have tons of massive advantages over regular payment methods and that is the reason why they were so well-accepted by the public. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that appeared on the market and to this day, it dominates this world.

A big majority of the crypto users in the world use Bitcoin as it is by far the best option on the market. That is exactly the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article. We are going to take a look at why should you always opt-in for Bitcoin. Here are the biggest advantages that it boasts compared to other cryptocurrencies.


One of the best features that cryptocurrencies have is the fact that they are very secure. They provide each user with a certain level of online anonymity, thus making sure that their security is at a very high level. Bitcoin focuses on this part more than any other cryptocurrency.

It is labelled as the most secure cryptocurrency on the market. Thanks to this superiority, around 5 million people are safe when trading with Bitcoin. Not only that but Bitcoin has never been hacked, which is yet another great achievement.

The Value

The reason why a majority of the crypto users opt-in to trade with Bitcoin is because this cryptocurrency is by far the most valuable on the market. No other crypto even comes close to Bitcoin. At the moment, its value fluctuates between $50,000 and $60,000 and it is as valuable as gold. Being on the same scale with gold when it comes to the price tag is something that no other product or service has managed to achieve.

Additionally, many of the world’s trading sites such as Bitcoin Trader tailor their services specifically to Bitcoin. That way, registered traders have the highest chances of making a profit when they use Bitcoin trading. Platforms like Bitcoin Trader even implement AI systems that are able to predict Bitcoin’s future fluctuations with great precision.

And if that is not enough, experts believe that Bitcoin is yet to reach its full potential. They have stated that Bitcoin will peak in the fourth quarter of 2021 and possibly reach a price tag of $100,000. If that happens, it will be the first time where Bitcoin managed to reach a six-figure number in value.

Institutional Interest

As if making a profit with Bitcoin wasn’t enough, this cryptocurrency has a massive institutional interest. There are many companies, both state and global, that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The number of state businesses is way too big, which is why we are going to name a few global brands.

The list includes the likes of Starbucks, Wikipedia, Shopify, Overstock, Whole Foods, and Home Depot. Tesla is the most recent inductee into this list after they made a $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin back in February. The interesting thing about Tesla’s investment is the fact that not only they announced that they will accept it as a payment method, but they also made over $100 million in profits in the Q1 of 2021.

Other Advantages

The aforementioned three advantages are not the only ones that Bitcoin boasts over other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin also has greater liquidity and thanks to the number of users and institutional interest, its network is far more stable and the infrastructure is ever-growing.

Additionally, considering the fact that a majority of the crypto users around the world only use Bitcoin, this crypto has the highest future potential. Some experts believe that it may come a point where Bitcoin becomes an official and legal payment method globally.