The More Intuitive Music Player Is the Musens App


Music is more accessible than ever what with digital music available anywhere and anytime right from the convenience of your phone. But if you’ve jumped around to different music player apps, you know they’re not all built the same.

We demand more from these sterile music apps permeating the market.

Musens is a beautifully designed music player that sports a user-interface complete with stunning animations and intuitive functionality. It works like a dream, playing anything and everything from your Apple Music library.

When you play a song, the dynamic background moves in sync with the song that’s playing. Customize the experience with a rotating vinyl of the artwork for the song or choose other dynamic backgrounds.

Instead of the boring queue system common in most music player apps, Musens sports a unique and more user-friendly system where you can swipe to add to the queue from anywhere in the app.

The Now Playing widget features provides info on the current track and recently played songs.

Throw in other awesome features like Dark Mode and Airplay Support and you can see why this is one of the best Apple Music players out there.

Download Musens today from the App Store.