Practice Your Ping-Pong Skills with the Power Pong Robot

Consumer Update

Table tennis or ping-pong requires an immense amount of focus and hand-eye coordination.

To achieve that level of skill takes practice, practice, practice. And one of the best ways to practice every day is with a table tennis robot. Power Pong offers a line of table tennis robots designed to create a realistic training experience at an affordable price.

Power Pong

Go head to head with the Power Pong robot right in the comfort of your own home. Never has the spin been more human. Control the settings in the accompanying Power Pong app.

The drag-and-drop interface allows you to create your very own customized drills and training exercises. The app includes the ability to swap training drills with other Power Pong users and can assist parents to teach professional techniques to their kids.

While pros can use the robot to hone their skills, it’s also a great way for beginners to work out the basics of the game. And because of the customized settings, which include speed and spin, it’s perfect for all ages.

Choose from several tennis table robots from basic for beginners to the most advanced table tennis robots on the market, perfect for the most expert of players.

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