Rows of Tobacco Plants

For those men who have wives, girlfriends, or even husbands, do not expect them to look lovingly at you when they see you for the first time sticking a large chunk of chewing tobacco into your mouth. The typical reaction in fact is one of either revulsion, incomprehension, or a mixture of the two. 

This is because for most people in society, the act of chewing tobacco is pretty disguisting – especially for the female sex. It is not helped of course by all of the negative connotations that come with it about the kind of people who typically use this type of stuff, i.e. simple country folk. 

A Growing Market

Whilst this view of smokeless tobacco may be true in some certain parts of the United States of America – namely California and New York State – there are actually large parts of the country where these types of products are extremely popular and where the market is not only big, but is actually growing. 

It was estimated that in 2013, some 6 million American citizens were regular users of smokeless tobacco in some form or another. Ever since then, sales figures have risen by six percent and there is no end in sight for its growing popularity. 

Whilst typically it was the mainstay of farmers and baseball players, there is now a new, younger market who are developing a love for and a reliance on chewing tobacco. Many of these however have deviated from the norm, given the scientific information that we know have on the dangers of tobacco use, and have started to use alternative products, such as tobacco free dip.

How It Tastes

Most people come to chewing tobacco with the expectation that it is going to taste discussing, but more often than not, they actually end up liking it more than they thought they would. This is helped by the fact that it is now available in a range of different minty and fruity flavors. 

What lots of first time users do not expect though is the sting on the inside of the cheeks that you can sometimes experience – a bit like salt on an open canker sore. When using the loose stuff, do not be surprised if it does not all stay together in one big clump, as lots of individual little pieces can break away and make their way all around your mouth. 

Then there is the need to dispose of the excess saliva that is created in your mouth as a result of the constant chewing and holding of the tobacco in your mouth. It is handy to have a bottle or some sort of container with you to spit this out into – otherwise it is onto the floor that it goes. With this being a dark brown color, it never looks good.

The very first time that you use chewing tobacco, expect an almost instantaneous head rush that lasts for around five minutes or so – but as quickly as it comes, it goes.