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The interest in Bitcoin grows with each passing day. Thousands of new people are registering to the network with each passing day. That is the reason why its network reportedly counts over 5 million users. Experts believe that the number will keep increasing at a much faster rate in the future.

Aside from the individual interest in this cryptocurrency, many companies, including global brands have decided to integrate Bitcoin into their system and accept it as a payment method. That is exactly the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article. We’ll be taking a look at the most popular companies that have invested in Bitcoin, why did they decide to do that, and how they managed to impact the network.

Their Impact on Bitcoin’s Network

After the companies which we are about to name invested in Bitcoin, they influenced the network in two ways. First, they contributed towards its stability. Thanks to that factor, Bitcoin is now the most stable cryptocurrency on the market. The institutional interest is massive and many companies are looking to accept payments with this cryptocurrency.

The stability led to the second way through which these companies impacted Bitcoin’s network, and that is its price. After these global brands announced their interest, Bitcoin’s value managed to rise in a short period. One of these companies even helped Bitcoin rise by more than $4,000 in less than a week.

Thanks to that factor, numerous traders started joining the network and invest in Bitcoin so that they can make a profit. What’s even better is that reputable trading sites even helped them maximize their revenue. These platforms use advanced AI systems which are able to analyze the market, collect all data about Bitcoin, and use it to make accurate predictions on its future fluctuations.

One of the most successful trading platforms is Bitcoin Up. If you visit homepage of this trading site, you will see that the profitability rate is very high. The massive success is the main reason why thousands of people from all around the world have registered here and are using their services quite frequently.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 3 companies that have invested in Bitcoin and are accepting it as a payment method.


We’ll kick things off with the biggest online travel agency in the world. Expedia is actually one of the earliest supporters of this cryptocurrency. They showed their interest in Bitcoin back in 2013 when Bitcoin was still on the rise. Several years later, they fully integrated it into their services and now you can use this cryptocurrency to book over 700,000 hotels in the world. To make things even better, Expedia stated that they are working on making it possible for its customers to pay for flights with Bitcoin too.


Next up, we have the biggest tech conglomerate on the planet. Microsoft is also one of the earliest supporters of Bitcoin. Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, has expressed his support for Bitcoin several times. That is why they integrated Bitcoin and people can use it to purchase various products or services from this company.


The last entry on our list is Tesla. One of the biggest car manufacturers in the world announced its ‘partnership’ with Bitcoin in February 2021. Their investment was around $1.5 billion and this is the company that managed to cause a spike in Bitcoin’ value as Bitcoin’s price went from $47,000 to over $50,000 in just a few days. After they invested in Bitcoin, they stated that they will be accepting it as a payment method.