One of the most common errors of judgment that travellers make is not to buy international travel insurance. Even if they do buy one, they often think that all the travel policies are the same. However, not all insurance providers offer key features that make a huge difference to the quality of your trip.

For example, when you buy international travel insurance, it may cover illnesses and injuries but may not protect you against flight delays and loss of baggage. That is why you need to carefully assess all plan features and benefits before making a purchase decision.

Therefore, you must ask the following questions if you want to buy international travel insurance that encompasses all the potential travel and non-travel related risks.

  1. Does it cover pre-existing diseases?

This is one of the most common questions customers ask when they want to buy international travel insurance. Many policies exclude pre-existing medical conditions which means that any complication arising from existing health concerns may not be covered when travelling overseas. In some cases, your insurance provider may waive the pre-existing medical condition clause if you make an early purchase.

  1. Does my insurance cover sports and adventure activities?

Your travel insurance will most likely not cover adventurous and high-risk activities that you wish to experience abroad. Those who want to go skydiving or cliff jumping need to buy a top-up policy along with their international travel insurance.

At the same time, people who want to play sports when they are on a trip abroad may have questions about sports coverage as well. Depending on the risk level associated with the sport, your travel insurance may or may not provide you coverage. However, in most cases, a normal injury sustained due to regular sports is likely to be covered under the policy. But be sure to check about the inclusions and exclusions when you buy international travel insurance to eliminate the risk of claim rejection.

  1. Do I need to get pre-authorization for hospitalization or treatment?

Other than an emergency situation, travel insurance policies often require travellers to request a pre-authorization if they want to get medical treatment abroad. A traveller that fails to get this pre-approval will face claim rejection.

To avoid that risk, you must ask about pre-authorization requirements and conditions before you buy international travel insurance. In addition, it is always a good idea to check with the insurance provider before seeing a doctor as they can recommend approved facilities at your travel destination.

  1. Is this policy valid in all the countries?

If you plan to travel to various countries on your trip, it is better to buy international travel insurance that offers coverage in all the destinations. There are all different kinds of insurance plans that provide specific coverage for certain countries. For example, some policies may be valid in European countries only, and others might provide worldwide coverage. Choose a policy that matches your travel plans.

  1. Is it mandatory to buy travel insurance in the country I am visiting?

While travel insurance is not a necessary requirement for a visa in India, however, it is compulsory in a lot of countries, such as Spain, Austria, Greece, Germany, Belgium, etc. Therefore, you should always check the travel requirements of your preferred destination when you are planning to take an overseas trip.

  1. What is the maximum amount that the insurance provider will pay?

Accidents and mishaps can happen with anyone, especially when people least expect it. The best way to prepare yourself for these contingencies is to buy international travel insurance. But remember to ask about the maximum amount payable and make sure it is enough to cover the damages or medical treatment abroad.

  1. What are the exclusions?

While it is crucial to know what is covered in your policy, it is even more important to know what isn’t. For instance, the best travel insurance plan may not provide you with any coverage in conflict zones or injuries arising out of adventure sports. That is why it is advisable to research the travel insurance policies before making a purchase.

The Travel insurance market is robust and filled with multiple options. Therefore, you need to ask these pertinent questions from your insurer and do your homework when you want to buy international travel insurance. You can avail various destination specific travel insurance plans offered by Care health insurance that suit your requirements.