Man's hands move the winnings casino chips on red table.

Tech is being adopted in many ways and across different industries whether its sports, construction, transport or even casinos. Casinos have been one of the biggest sources of entertainment and fun for a while and with the advancements of technology, they have not lagged behind either. While physical casinos have been doing a great job at keeping people entertained but with the onset of online casinos, the experience is being brought home or to work.

Online casinos offer unique advantages over physical casinos from the convenience, several options and variety of games, less drinking and always being open. In addition to that, there are many online casinos, such as this list of NZ PayPal online casinos, that now use blockchain as a form of protection, which adds security, as well as the option to pay using PayPal. People no longer have to wait for normal opening hours to play some casino games but can binge at whatever time makes them happy. With technology, online casinos only keep getting better. Some advancements responsible for this will be shared below.

SSL encryptions

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and are the most popular encryptions. They encrypt data during processing and provides protection for confidential information from unauthorised third parties. You can find out whether an online casino has SSL encryption by checking the toolbar for “https”. Considering that there are fraudsters on the internet looking to capitalise on the transactions going on between the casinos and the players, it is important to ensure that this information is well protected through SSL encryptions. This takes the weight of concern off the shoulder of the player as they enjoy their time at the online casino.


Artificial intelligence abbreviated as AI is finding its way into the online casino world as well. AI allows a computer to learn from its interactions with a human to help it better predict the best response to assist or make the user experience better. It is being incorporated in customer support, better security with facial recognition and more personalisation. This makes it easier for casino to reduce costs of hiring customer support people as well as allowing them to focus on more productive tasks that make the casino better. It also allows users to always have access to help when engaged in games at whatever time since computers do not need to sleep and will be able to help with most generic queries.

The design

As slots are popular in physical casinos for their simplicity to play, entertainment value and affordability, they are quit as popular at online casinos. Probably more so because online casinos go a step further with slots with different trendy themes, storylines and characters. Some of the popular themes are animals, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and action and adventure. You are only limited by time and money to enjoy all these slots. More so, slots are taking notes from video games as well by adding power ups and levels that add to the feeling of achievement and for the competitive, more difficulty to test your resilience.

Mobile casino

In the past, you had one option if you wanted to participate in the fun and entertainment of casinos. You had to plan a trip by setting aside a date, some money, and eventually getting onto the road or on a plane to your casino destination. With that you had to budget for a place to stay as well while there. But mobile casinos came to the rescue, making casinos pocket friendly both in size and cost. You no longer have to leave your house or workplace to enjoy the casino experience. More so, online casinos are open all day and all night long so binging in the middle of the night is not taboo. This is great for players because of the convenience, affordability and accessibility especially in countries where gambling is banned.


Technology continues to influence the way we do things and has moved into how we have fun with casinos. With online casinos, SSL certificates have made it safer; AI made customer service more responsive and mobile casinos, more convenient. The tech developments are making gambling more accessible and affordable for many bringing the fun home. Going forward, it seems the online casino industry will continue to incorporate more technology to enhance the user experience to a level that will make physical casinos a thing of the past or for the museums. But that will probably be after a long while.