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Killing time can be an activity that everyone will need to do at times, although it could be argued that many of us do that a little too well and when we perhaps do not have the time to kill in the first place due to the hectic lifestyles that individuals lead.

However, there are rare circumstances in which individuals will have no other option but to kill time, such as waiting for appointments, waiting for transport such as a flight, or simply having nothing that they need to do and can afford to spend the time they have.

Whilst we can always think of plenty of things to do, here are five different types of apps that can be used when using our smartphones or tablets to help us accomplish the task of killing time.

Online casinos

There is no doubt that by playing games at an online casino such as Platin Casino Ireland can be the best way in order to kill time in an effective way, as well as a potentially rewarding way, as well.

There are a number of different apps available to punters using smartphones and tablets, and with just an internet connection required (plus requirements that the online casino has), it cannot be simpler to kill the time that might be needed.

Social media

One of the easiest ways to kill time when on our smartphones and tablets is by looking at all our social media accounts and catching up with what is going on in the world.

Of course, most people around the world will have access to platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok (and others), thus opening them up to bundles of entertainment that will make the minutes and the hours fly by when they first load them up.


Simply playing a number of different games can easily help make time fly past and not seem to be a burden, especially when the games are extremely competitive, immersive and addictive. Games such as Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds and Temple Run have all been incredibly popular and addictive in the past, with players able to waste hours on them, whereas others to have recently hit the respective app stores have all had the ability to make time far from drag.

Brain games can also prove to be incredibly popular, as these will keep the organ ticking over and keeping it in peal condition.

Learning apps

It could be argued that individuals who have time to kill should look to be more productive with it and there is no better way than by using apps that can help them to learn a new skill when using their smartphone or tablet devices.

Of course, there are language apps such as Duolingo that can help individuals to pick up a new language in easy steps, whilst there are also apps available that can help provide users with several tips and tricks about something that they are passionate about.

Streaming platforms

One of the easiest ways to kill time is to watch videos and TV shows, which is entirely possible when using a handheld device. For instance, users can download and watch YouTube videos from their smartphones, whereas individuals can catch up on the latest episodes of their favourite series via apps created by Netflix and Amazon Prime.

There really is no excuse to find it hard to kill time when the opportunity presents itself.