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The world of B2B marketing is evolving at a rapid pace and businesses are forced to try a mix of traditional marketing tactics that are proven to work alongside some tactics that might work. Sometimes, because the market is changing so quickly, it’s the tactics that might work that yield the biggest returns. Interested to learn more? The following are some B2B marketing strategies that you can start implementing today.

Get Educated

There are plenty of courses you can take that will teach you everything you need to know about mastering the world of B2B marketing. You’ll get familiar with the differences between B2C and B2B business models and you’ll learn why each model needs a different approach to marketing. You can do a full-time or part-time course and, if you’re just starting out in business, you can take out a student loan from a private lender to cover the fees. Using student loans are ideal as they give a person the opportunity to get educated now and pay later.

Go Big or Go Home

Tradeshows are a major selling ground so go big and make the most of your time there or, if you are not prepared to go all out, go home. You can make your booth stand out with graphics that scream for attention. Give away some products to people who come over to check out your stand. Forget pens, mugs and magnets and start thinking outside the box. How about some branded headphones, phone cases, laptop covers or hats? Choosing something quirky and practical will make your booth stand out in the minds of everyone who came to say hello.

Get Personal

Assuming your customers are members of your site, do you greet each visitor by name? Are your emails personalized with each customer’s first name? If not, it’s time to get personal and invest in software that helps companies engage with customers and will gather customer data and use it in a way that makes your audience feel appreciated. We’re talking about personalized emails and product suggestions based on previous searches.

Host Events

Need more sales? Struggling to find new leads? You should host an event. Doing so could generate more leads than all of your other marketing strategies combined (taking email marketing out of the equation). If you have a new product, host a big reveal party and invite some current customers and people who you think would benefit from your new product. Appreciation dinners are also a great way to show your customers you care about them so consider hosting one if finances allow. Hosting events is crucial for all B2B models so don’t underestimate the ROI you could make by putting your brand out there in this way.

Leverage the Power of Company Thought Leaders

Thought leaders is a recent buzzword in marketing circles but what does it mean and how can it help your business? It’s about working with people who are experts in different areas of your business. Their job is to create shareable content and answer questions about your brand /product on social media and on sites such as Quora. Thought leaders are not there to sell your brand, as their ultimate goal is to establish themselves as authorities in specific areas. They will, however, be linked back to your brand through a link in their bio but it’s inconspicuous, making this strategy an excellent way to establish authority and promote your brand.