EngageOne Converse – Helping Companies Engage with Customers on Multiple Platforms | NewsWatch Review

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Direct messaging businesses is a fast and convenient way to contact customer service and get your questions answered immediately. According to Facebook, over 1 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on their Messenger platform each month. If you’re looking to set up your own chatbot to handle a large influx of direct messages, check out EngageOne Converse by Pitney Bowes.

Chatbots today are becoming increasingly more important and more popular amongst everyday consumers. About 4 billion users every month are on the top 4 messaging applications. They’re using chatbots through their phones, through home automation devices to interact with companies, interact with their friends and it’s part of their everyday life.

So EngageOne Converse brings several benefits to companies. It’s the ability for companies to engage with their customers on messaging applications and other online channels. Reducing the cost to serve while increasing customer satisfaction and customer engagement. It’s a faster time to value which also increases the return on investment.

So the second benefit to consumers is that it allows them to interact with the company on their own time. You have these devices all around your house, they’re in your hand and anywhere you go.

Finally, it allows business users to engage with their customers and control the conversation. The benefit to consumers of businesses using chat box applications is that it allows them to communicate with those businesses in the medium of their choice. So it’s something that they use every day and allows them to get their questions answered routinely and quickly.

So the help and support you need is always available and you don’t have to think about “oh, I have to wait until I get back to a certain location in order to get assistance”. You can do it any time, anywhere, 24 hours a day.

For more information go to pitneybowes.com and search for EngageOne Converse today.