UpDog – The Ultimate Dating App for Dog Lovers


Aren’t you tired of the same old dating apps? All the same features, preferences, people, and more importantly – no filters for the most special thing in your life – your pup!

If you’re looking for an app that both you AND your dog will enjoy, look no further than UpDog Dates! What’s UpDog? UpDog is an app designed to provide dog lovers a tool to connect with other like-minded individuals.

UpDog has brought together a team of the industry’s top designers and developers to deliver a high-quality app with a quick and simple onboarding experience.

UpDog provides a unique experience for dog lovers searching for dates, dog owners searching for dog playdates, and users open to both.

UpDog has created a platform that incorporates the best features from traditional dating apps and adds something special for our furry friends.

So get out there and meet some fellow dog lovers!

Download UpDog today by heading over to the App Store and searching for “UpDog Dates.” UpDog – Your dog’s favorite dating app.