LogicMelon by Umbrella Is Saving Recruiters Time and Money

Biz Report

There are millions of jobs routinely posted online. When you consider multiple applicants to each job, the number of people seeking new employment is astronomical.

While this means more choice for recruiters, how do they know which audiences are right for them?

Enter LogicMelon.

The company’s Umbrella platform is everything a recruiter might need to attract candidates and make hires.

The entire recruitment workflow is all there in one place.

Post to multiple job boards, social networks, and websites in a few easy steps then manage candidate flow through LogicMelon software.

The automated platform generates applications on-demand and allows recruiters to download and process applications through the Umbrella dashboard.

The unique pay for performance model means you’ll only pay for completed applications not wasted clicks that don’t convert.

Umbrella is about simplicity which is why it seamlessly integrates with almost any current software system you might be using.

Get started today by visiting LogicMelon.com.