Officium Labs Is Helping Brands Deliver Incredible Customer Experiences

Biz Report

Quality customer experience must be a priority for any great company. Servicing the customer, making sure they get exactly what they want is what makes the whole thing work.

But that’s easier said than done.

There is a lot of work that goes into making the relationship between the customer and the organization as smooth as possible. Officium is on a mission to disrupt the industry by creating something new, fresh, flexible, and ROI-driven.

That’s the idea behind the innovative ServiceStack, created by CEO Jonathan Shroyer.

What makes the Officium product and suite unique is the ServiceStack platform which is made up of three key components.

The first component is Connect, which is their on-demand customer service.

The second one is Transform, which helps companies move from being a cost center to a profit center.

And the third one is the product suite that’s called Innovate, which houses a lot of their SaaS solutions for small to medium businesses to kind of scale their center.

The market is ready for what Officium is bringing. Let us come bring this value to companies.

Officium is celebrating its two-year anniversary this month and has already generated 10 million in revenue from just a 150k loan.

It goes to show that when organizations help their customers to win, they win.

You can find out more and transform your customer experience today by visiting