By: Nick Gambino

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the hugely popular Halo series, Microsoft is releasing a Halo-themed Xbox Series X on November 15th. This is but a warmup for the newest installment in the series arriving on December 8thHalo Infinite.

Like other limited edition bundles, the console and the controller are both wrapped in Halo Infinite designs. Both resemble spaced-out hardware and even hints of starry skies. Firing up the console will produce sounds right from the Halo games, which is pretty cool. The bundle also includes a digital copy of Halo Infinite, downloadable when it launches in December.

Preorders went live on both Target and the Microsoft Store on Wednesday and sold out almost immediately. The same happened Wednesday night at Walmart, though they may restock at some point. So that’s worth keeping your eye on.

If you still want to get your hands on the Xbox Series X coated in Halo glory, you’ll be able to do that through either Amazon or Best Buy. Doesn’t look like either has gone live yet and if the other sites are any indication, they’ll pop up and sell out within minutes. It’s going to cost you a solid $550 to cop one of these sexy units, so make sure you have your money in order. The best bet is to create an account with those sites and plug in your credit card info ahead of time.

Now, if you’re not looking to snag a whole new Xbox Series X, you could just opt for the new Halo-themed Xbox Elite 2 controller which likewise is being released as part of the 20th anniversary. It’s different than the one that comes with the bundle. Its design is reminiscent of Master Chief with a green body and gold D-pad. It also sports a custom case to hold the controller.

The newly themed Xbox Elite 2 controller launches November 15th and will set you back a cool $200. That is if you can find it anywhere. It’s already sold out in the Microsoft Store.

Remember, these are all just collector’s items. If you’ve already got an Xbox Series X, you’ll still be able to play Halo Infinite when it’s released in December.