Returning to work after a break is daunting for many of us. This is particularly difficult for people who work remotely. Returning to a physical office makes the transition easier, as the environment prompts your brain to turn off the holiday mode. Discover a few tips from experts that should help you psych yourself up.

Going back to work right after a vacation is a major shock. If possible, allow one or two days to recuperate before your return. Get back into the groove slowly, giving your mind time to adjust. The activities do not matter much — you could buy some stress relieves from or go out for a meal. Do whatever works for you.

Start Your Day the Right Way

Checking your inbox at the very beginning of the day will only make you frustrated. You are likely to find a large backlog of unread messages, some of them urgent. Instead of subjecting yourself to stress, use your first hour to get things organized.

Tidy up your desk, brew yourself some coffee, and check-in with your team. Communicating with a human being is much better than dealing with correspondence. Not only will it help you get back to a working mindset. It may also boost your mood (if you have the best Delta 8 joints, do not use them right before work — you want to feel relaxed, but the tasks may require intense focus).

Have a Plan for the Day

Note down all the tasks for the day, and prioritize them. This list should be visible at all times. You could stick a post-it note on your monitor or keep the list on the desk. Working with a plan is easier, as you can get back on track quickly if something distracts you.

So, What About the Emails?

When you have just come back from holiday, it is easy to get lost in your inbox. Without a strategy, you are likely to waste time. Do not make this mistake — try the following method instead.

First, skim through your messages focusing on the subject lines. Using the star feature, categorize the emails you need to read and respond to. Then, use filtering to divide them into categories. Tackle one group at a time. This will help you stay focused and work more quickly.

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

For most employees, getting back to work after time off is a stressful experience. It is okay to be a little slow in the beginning. Remember that your coworkers can relate and empathize with your ordeal.

At the same time, don’t be sloppy. If you are working from home, the transition requires mental discipline. You should be strict with yourself to limit distractions like social media.