Harvest Revenue

As an owner of an inkjet printer, you may be frustrated by the prices of the original supplies. OEM cartridges are notoriously expensive. Sometimes, they may cost almost as much as the equipment itself. The reason is the cunning business model used by the manufacturer.

A cheap printer under $100 may seem like a great deal until you consider the long-term costs. In fact, owners of these devices end up paying a fortune in the long run if they keep using the original cartridges. Luckily, this is not the only option these days. For example, the Smart Ink store has a great offer for HP ink 950 951 that lets you get a cheaper but perfectly compatible cartridge with free shipping and a warranty.

Are OEM Products Overpriced?

Brand-name cartridges, also known as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplies, are the most expensive range. This is true for any brand, be it HP or Canon. The official justification refers to the immense R&D expenditures by the manufacturers. However, consumers are more likely to believe the “razor and blades” business model.

While the printer itself may be as cheap as chips, you may have to pay almost as much for the consumable supplies. For the brand, this is a way to recoup its investment. Customers are attracted to low prices and best deals, so the companies exploit their desire for instant gratification. Fortunately, even if you have the cheapest printer, you may still find an affordable replacement if you look beyond the official offerings.

Compatible Products: Best Value for Money

These products are the most convenient considering the price, free shipping, and warranties. However, they should also be chosen with caution. As there are plenty of unscrupulous companies, make sure you will get proper consumer protection, and the supplier delivers on its promises. Stores like Smart Ink provide attractive deals that include:

  • certified compliance with international quality standards;
  • immediate recognition;
  • ink level tracking for most models;
  • two-year warranty;
  • sustainable manufacturing.

Controversial Refills

If you check the official Hewlett Packard site, you will see that the company discourages customers from refilling. While this practice is not prohibited, the brand refers to the variable quality and possible issues, such as problems with the printheads or smudging. Refilling can help you save money, but it is hardly convenient when there are so many compatible models available.

First, the average consumer is not able to refill their cartridges by themselves. You have to take your original product to a provider that will empty and clean it before injecting fresh ink from a third-party supplier. The quality of the ink and the workmanship are equally important. The specialist must be extremely careful so as not to damage the sensitive elements, pour in the right volume and prevent bubbles from forming inside the cartridge.