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For many reasons, we often feel the need to track our friends and members of our family through their phones. You could be the parent of a teenager who needs to be sure that their child is not getting into trouble on the internet or in real life, or just to know where their child is at all times. You could also just want to be sure about the location of your spouse if you suspect that they are cheating. Regardless of whatever reason you want to do it, there is an overarching need for tracking people’s phones – security for them and you.

So, understandably, many mobile apps have been produced for this purpose. However, the entire concept of civilian phone tracking can get quite confusing. How does it work? What are their capabilities and possibilities? Also, how can one be sure that they are what they say that they are? Getting a tracking app that gives inaccurate information or worse, is indiscrete, is worse than not getting a tracking app at all.

In this article, we will explain some basic information about how phone tracking works, what you need to do and what not to do, and then outline some of the best phone tracker apps on the market that don’t require permission.



The uMobix spy tool is an all-around excellent tool for tracking your person of interest’s phone without permission. It provides a full package of surveillance capabilities that will leave you with no questions answered. There are the traditional capabilities like tracking their GPS location, monitoring their presence on social media, keyloggers for passwords, monitoring and listening in on their calls, access to their call log and messages.

You will also be able to access media stored on their phone, and will even have the capability to download these media to a secondary device. So, with the scourge of pedophiles and other child-targeting criminals on the internet, you’ll never have to worry. You will see whatever anyone is sharing with your child on the internet, whether text, audio, or visual media.

But it gets even more interesting, it can stream audio and visual content from your subject in real-time. So, not only will you be able to hear whatever they are saying, you will be able to see them too, so long as the phone is properly placed. You can access all of this and more for just $49.99 per month. You may also get substantial discounts if you choose either the 3-month pack or the 12-month pack.

Google/Apple Find My Device

Another very underrated tracking tool is the Find My Device feature that is built into both Android and Apple phones. If you feel that you don’t yet need a professional spy tool, or that you are just satisfied with basic GPS tracking, or just want a zero-cost option, then the Find My Device tool is probably best for you.

All you can do using this feature is get the phone and share the live location with your device. Et voila! You will be fed data in real-time concerning their movements. However, that is as far as this can go. You will not be able to track messages or media or listen in, or any of the other more professional stuff. So, if that is what you want, get professional help from tracker apps like uMobix.


Another option on the phone tracker app market is SpyStealth. You’ll get the usual GPS location, text, email, social media, and call monitoring, and access to view and even download media. Also, you’ll get the very top-of-the-line features of social media monitoring, geofencing. There’s even parental control, so that if you feel the need to protect your child from accessing certain applications or websites, you can just shut down access to it from your control panel. All of these features are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. To get started with SpyStealth, you’d need to complete a free registration.

SpyStealth comes in three packages – basic, non-jailbreak and premium. The basic package, as the name implies, comes with all the basic features, and costs only $24.95 monthly. The non-jailbreak package is for when you do not want to jailbreak the device you’ll  be monitoring. It comes with reduced features, and requires that you enable iCloud backup. It costs $29.95 per month. Then, there is the premium plan that comes with all the advanced features and costs $59.95 per month.


FamiSafe is another reliable phone tracker. It offers all the basics that one would expect from a phone tracker app. However, it is an all-around parental control app. Its most interesting features are geofencing, internet activity monitoring, and parental control.

The geofencing feature allows you to set digital geographical boundaries for your subject and will notify you when they step out of the zone. This is very useful in ensuring the safety of your children. In a case of kidnapping, or anything similar, getting informed as soon as possible is very vital in increasing the chances of rescue. Immediately they leave the boundaries, you’ll be notified and will be able to take action immediately.

With internet activity monitoring, you will be able to monitor the messages and media that they send and receive. And with parental control, you can control your child’s access to selected apps and internet sites. This will come in very handy if you want to make sure that your child does not spend too much time scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, or playing mobile games.

FamiSafe is also quite affordable, especially considering its features. The app is also sold in three variants –monthly, quarterly and annual plans. The monthly plan costs $9.99, quarterly costs 19.99, and the yearly plan costs $59.99. They all provide similar features, except that the quarterly and annual family plans will cover up to 10 devices, while the monthly plan only covers up to 5 devices.


Every parent wants to provide and be assured of the safety of their children. Tracker apps allow you to do that in the best way possible. So, choosing the best phone tracker app that doesn’t require the permission of your target to use is not a decision to be taken lightly.

There are many variants in the market, offering varying features, with varying price ranges. But, if you truly want the best, you should go for an app that provides all-around access, from tracking to not just spying, but also providing live stream capabilities. The uMobix App provides all of these features at a relatively small cost.


Below are some of the questions most frequently asked by people looking to use phone tracker apps.

What is the best phone tracker app without permission?

Without any doubt, the tracker app that gives you the best value for your money is the uMobix app. Not only does it allow you to track your subject’s location, but it also allows you to access their calls, text, media, internet activity etcetera, even allowing you to save some of these to a second device. Most importantly, it has live stream capabilities that feed you with audio and visual data from your subject in real-time, which can come in handy when you’re trying to get your kid out of trouble.

Is it possible to track anyone’s phone without using a tracker app?

Well, the most that you can do is use the Find My Device feature. And as we have explained in the article, FMD has limited functionality and can only give you location data. Besides, it can be easily discovered by the subject, negating the entire purpose of tracking.

If you want the full functionality of tracking someone’s phone without permission, you’re going to need to purchase and install a phone tracker app. They will do the job discreetly, barring any chances of being discovered by the subject.