It’s been well over a year since the first lockdowns began, and it is no surprise that many people are focusing on their health. COVID-19 has taken a heavy toll on health, both physical and mental. Those of us who have comorbidities have been searching for lifestyle improvements. Those who have struggled with loneliness and despair have searched for mental wellness interventions.


The good news is that in 2021 there are many healthcare apps available. It is becoming increasingly easy to get care online. Even if you’re ordering glasses, you no longer have to go into an optometrist’s office. You can try on glasses online and get the best fit with the prescription you already know.


These are the essential healthcare apps to see you through 2021.


Mental Wellness: Headspace


The power of mindfulness should not be underestimated. While it is not a panacea, it is an incredible system that has been shown time and time again to have a significant impact when treating depression and anxiety.


As a mindfulness app, Headspace has it all. With a subscription, you get access to mindfulness courses for every life stage and circumstance. You get sleep sounds to help you at night. You get daily exercises to keep you in the best possible headspace.


Headspace is not a replacement for therapy and psychiatry, but it does give you a good foundation for your overall mental wellness.


Mental Health: BetterHelp


If you are suffering with depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses, or you simply want to improve the way you approach your life, therapy can be transformative. But therapy is expensive and it takes time to find the right person.


That’s no longer true with BetterHelp. BetterHelp brings virtual therapy to your phone and laptop. It provides you with a range of potential therapists, making it easy to switch if the therapist you choose turns out not to be the right fit.


Therapy is more accessible than ever because of BetterHelp and other teletherapy apps.


Nutrition: Fooducate


Conditions like obesity and diabetes were among the biggest comorbidities putting people at risk of serious COVID-19 health issues. As such, nutrition has come into the spotlight once again.


The problem with most diets or resolutions is that they are easy to start but quickly become unsustainable. Fooducate provides nutrition information, diets, and tracking, all of which gives you balanced ways to improve your diet without doing too much too soon.


Fooducate is useful for anyone who has struggled to stick to popular diet trends. It is all about sustainability, which is the key to long term nutritional health.


Fitness: Sworkit


In a similar fashion, Sworkit provides fitness plans that are fully sustainable. You can start with five minute workouts if you want to ease into it, and you don’t need any equipment. The workouts on Sworkit use body weight and occasionally household items like chairs. If you have exercise bands, they have workouts for you as well.


Every exercise has a looping video showing you how to do it, with helpful voice guidance that ensures you get it right.


Health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds in 2021. Make sure you get the above apps to work towards a healthier you.