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Often people close their Instagrams and look at their profiles is only possible for their friends and subscribers, but it is not always possible to subscribe to a person to see their stories and to track down what is going on in their lives. In such situations, a private Instagram viewer comes to help, which gives you full access to even a private account. What does it take to use an app like this? Let’s figure it out.


View Private Instagram Profiles

Instagram stories started in 2016, and we loved them very much because we know exactly who’s watching them. Insta stories help us learn about the person we are interested in, and you can do it anonymously with an anon Instagram viewer. In the past, to view anonymous stories of a person who has a private Instagram account, you could create another account and add it as a follower. Now there is a more working solution that will allow you to avoid a lot of unnecessary accounts, save you time and immediately lead to the right result.


All private account stories and posts are available only to his subscribers. To view content, you have to become one of them. But what if the account owner rejects your subscription request or you want to access its content anonymously?


In these situations you can use a private Instagram viewer Glassagram –  is a new online software that lets you track a private account that you’re interested in, even if it’s hidden. This application allows you to track the transaction of any account online, provided that it is an open public account. It’s time to detail each paragraph and the features of Instagram story viewer such as viewing private accounts, using video tracker, watching direct messages viewer, likes viewer, using location tracker


How To Use  Private Instagram Viewer Glassagram


Using this application is easy. It is enough to enter in the search line “Glassaram” and find the account of the person you are interested in. Depending on which phone you use, you are given different access. Private Instagram Viewer helps to track stories in a closed account, to see any publication and type of content – IGTV, video, stories, likes, comments (even if username hides them), posts, and besides direct messages and user location.


If you have an Android OS-based phone, you will be fully compatible with this account. You will be able to see screenshots on which you will see all the perfect actions of the account, even if the account is private and hides a lot.


If you have an IOS OS-based phone, you are given access to your account. Online, you can view a person’s account from your computer as if you had only accessed your account on a computer.


Important note: to view more content (such as posts, videos, likes, comments, have location tracker and view direct messages) and have full access in a private account, you will need to plug in a premium subscription that also automatically gives you full access to all content published on the profile and all information.


Here are some features of using private Instagram viewer Glassagram


  • Location using tracker

You will be able to see the location of the person you are interested in. It will be displayed under the photo.


  • Anonymous Instagram stories watching

You can anonymously view user stories even if the profile is closed. You will see not only stories but also reactions and comments, as the application gives you full access to all information.


  • User’s likes viewing

One of the latest Instagram updates allows you to hide likes in photos, but using Glassagram you can see likes.


  • Direct messages tracking

This is a unique development of this application. You will be able to read direct messages to your target device, as well as new email requests.


You can also see any type of content that is published on the account – live broadcasts, posts, videos, stories, IGTV.


Would like to be anonymous using insta stalker


With Glassagram you can anonymously view or download other people’s stories from your computer or phone. This is free and safe for your Instagram account, as services do not require authorization. To view stories anonymously, enter the name of the account in the search line and the service will show all the user’s stories for the last 24 hours available for public viewing.


This app also has the ability to subscribe to anonymous tracking of new stories. You should specify the account you are interested in and the service will regularly send you screenshots of new actions made on the account.


Also, the great advantage of the application is the ability to download stories and video your target account.


This application allows you to explore a person’s account that you are interested in without showing your face and your account. This allows you to hide your interest when it becomes necessary while remaining in touch with the profile even if the person has decided to close the account.


You can view stories both on your computer and by downloading the app to your phone. Whether you use an IOS OS or Android OS phone, you can always use this private Instagram viewer.


Summary and Briefing


Instagram is one of the most widely used social media networks today, and more than a billion active users enter the system every month to view stories published by friends, family, or their favorite celebrities.


In this article, you learned how to use a private Instagram viewer, whether such apps provide anonymity, how safe it is, and choose the best app for anonymous viewing of stories in private accounts. Now you know that it’s safe, it’s free, it’s anonymous, it gives you full access to any activity performed on a user’s account that interests you. Using a private Instagram viewer you can get acquainted with the account of a person you are interested in, even if he has decided to close it.